Protectorate I

In 2020, a huge chamber was detected underneath the ice at the South Pole in Antarctica. When the chamber was breached by an international team of scientists and technicians, they discovered it contained rank upon rank of human-like robots, each between 20 and 40 feet tall.

Once the initial shock of discovering obviously non-terrestrial technology hidden from the human race had diminished, the major nations of the Earth demanded that these "Mecha" be divided up amongst them.

A new weapons race had begun.

Now it is 2075, and a new age of imperialism has begun. War and famine are uncontrolled and their presence is felt in every corner of the globe. Huge corporations, fattened by the selling of reverse engineered alien tech, along with greedy dictators bent on world domination exploit the suffering mass of humanity.

In response, a new breed of mercenary arises. One willing to fight injustice... for a price.


This is the age of the Protectorates...

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